Men Business Plaid Elevator Dress Formal Shoes 6.5 cm

The star stands on the front line of the trend and leads the development of fashion trends. With their own efforts, they sang, filmed, and hosted in their own fields, and realized their dreams while creating a lot of wealth for themselves. How do they ask for their own height?

Jay Chou, who participated in the film “Green Hornet” propaganda, was still a little short with the big beauty Cameron Diaz, but the black cool costume looks very stylish. Black leather stitching tops are handsome, Men business dress plaid Elevator Dress Shoes 6.5 cm The effect is self-evident (the heel has a high degree of male talent and security is not) Jay Chou has always been a prince-like character in the country, but out of the country At the altitude, there is always no sense of imposing manner, but fortunately, the temperament is quite good, and our gas field is quite good compared to those foreign male artists.

Elevator Dress Shoes

The silver collar of the stand-up collar is very domineering. The black suit and suit pants are handsome and stylish. In addition, the invisible height of the shoes is even more cool! In different occasions, Jay Chou leather Elevator Dress Shoes are also “high”.

Huang Xiao ming is also a loyal fan of the internal increase shoes. It is rumored that his Elevator Dress Formal shoes can be adjusted at will, and the increased insole can be changed in height.

Elevator Dress Shoes

The official data of He Wei is 172, and the height of Mr. Wang Han is 175. It seems that the height of 3cm in the TV lens is not a gap. The very 6+1’s host, Li Wei, is also a person who likes to wear high-heeled shoes. Although his body is slimmer and his body is not tall, he still likes to wear Elevator Dress Formal shoes on many occasions.

Han Geng, who has been hot in the past year, has been favored by thousands of girls. However, he still needs to increase his height by adding shoes. Shooting magazines is no exception. Tsai Kang-yong is considered to be the most honest one among the short male stars. He is also frank about wearing his own high-heeled shoes for his sexual orientation and height.

Elevator Dress Shoes

Artists often need to attend public places and pay attention to their own image. It is necessary to face up to the lack of height to wear high shoes to make up for it. For ordinary people, although there are not so many public occasions to face, how to better show themselves in daily communication to leave a good impression on others is also a very important topic.

6.5 cm Real Leather Increased Business Dress Men Elevator Shoes

From the “inserted height” on the quiet pad to the “extra-increased” now, the heart of the male “beauty” has become more and more brave. Men love to buy Men Elevator Shoes, the trend style is popular, and the styles of men shoes in the past are mostly thin and flat, and now the bottom of fashion shoes are thickened a lot, and some also have “thick with” style. These “thickness” are different from the “thick shoes” that have been popular in the early years, not the thickening of the entire sole, but the separate thickening of the heel.

Thick-soled shoes, Men Elevator Shoes, and high-heeled shoes are three common types of shoes that can increase the height. Among them, the difference between the inner heightening shoes and the other two types of heightening shoes is that it is a hidden heightening shoe.

Men Elevator Shoes

6.5 cm Real Leather Increased Business Dress Men Shoes Because it not only increases the height, but also increases the hidden height, the inner Elevator Shoes make the wearer more confident. In the beginning, the shoes were only men “high heels”. Later, because of the comfort, some women also like to wear them. However, at present, the inner shoes are still a kind of shoes that men wear a larger proportion.

According to the style, function and type, the internal increase shoes are divided into inner heightening shoes, inner heightening casual shoes, inner heightening sports shoes, inner heightening sandals, inner heightening boots and inner heightening canvas shoes, etc. The products run through the four seasons.

Men Elevator Shoes

Increased and comfortable: The secret of the inner Elevator Shoes is its built-in heightening. According to the principle of human foot skeletal structure and mechanical force, through the scientific curve design, the upper part of the shoe is specially added to increase the height, moderately heighten, so that the heightening level is consistent with the sole of the foot, thus overcoming the feeling of wearing the ordinary high heels for a long time. . In the overall design, it adopts a structure with a hidden design and a flat appearance. The shoe is supplemented with a curve and an elastic form, which is not only comfortable, but also has the same appearance as ordinary shoes.

In the high-heeled shoes, the high-heeled shoes will be more beautiful to wear, but it will be more tiring when you walk. Similarly, some materials of the insole type increase shoe have no function of compressing and restoring elasticity, so when the insole is used for a period of time, it will be crushed, and after being flattened, it cannot be restored to its original state, and it is easy to lose the effect of increase. The increase in the insole type is mainly in the heel of the shoe. In this way, there is a feeling of dragging when walking. In addition, increasing the insole in the ordinary shoes will also be detrimental to the force of the foot. influences.

Men Elevator Shoes

The increased height of the inner heightening shoe is different from the commonly used heightening insole. It supports a larger sole area and a more uniform force, so that the sole of the foot walks more flatly, and does not cause the problem that the front foot is too strong and the forefoot is too strong. Therefore, the increased shoes are more comfortable and flat than the high-heeled shoes with the high-heeled insole.

10CM Spring Business Height Increasing Men Leather Shoes

The increased color matching between Height Increasing Shoes and trousers often determines the overall taste of the dress. The wrong combination may lead to a failed costume. So what kind of color matching is appropriate? Let’s take a look at some of these mysteries today. Of course, it is not a hard standard. If you are not confident in your collocation skills, follow the combination below to at least ensure that you will not be rude. When you master the knowledge of aspect matching, it is time to play your personality.

We selected 3 Height Increasing Shoes that are common in men’s leather shoes 10CM Spring Business heightening Men Leather Shoes. Let’s take a look at what color pants match.

Height Increasing Shoes

Black straps in the black belt: In general, black gives us the feeling of calm, yet restrained, relatively formal black lace-up shoes, basically suitable for pants from black to medium gray; generally with dresses, suits and other formal wear common. At this time, pay attention to the uniformity or similarity of the trousers, black Best Height Increasing Shoes and socks, so that the legs and feet become a complete integration in color; even if the mature casual style, men’s clothing is still the principle, the color of the clothes should not be used. 3 types.

When the black inner heightening shoes meet the blue color, avoid the light blue color. Generally, midnight blue and dark blue are more suitable. It is especially taboo to never wear black shoes when wearing a brown suit.

Height Increasing Shoes

Light brown monk Best Height Increasing Shoes: Whether it is a classic suit, a graceful windbreaker, a bright double-breasted jacket, or a pilot leather jacket, the monk shoes are not abrupt. Light brown is the color of the investment monk shoes, it can be integrated into all the color pants, with blue and gray to reflect its calm and restrained, while the same color brown looks more elegant and clear. To say the classic combination, try the combination of light brown and navy blue, especially in formal wear, recommended for those who don’t want to wear a boring suit.

Sepia Penny Shoes: Loaf shoes originated from the North American Indians and appeared as early as 1930, but the sloping upper did not have any decoration. The subsequent Lok Fu shoes were decorated with a strap across the instep, and opened a lip-like opening on the top. They were also used to put 5 cents of coins, so they were also called Penny Loafers.

Height Increasing Shoes

Penny shoes are representative of casual shoes without laces, which are indispensable elements in youthful outfits. However, because of its convenient wearing and dismounting, it is easy to give people a feeling of laziness, so it is not suitable for black pants with formal authority. Generally speaking, it is more elegant and sexy with the classic colors of gray, tobacco, copper or coffee. It is balanced with the blue combination and adds a mature wildness.

Men Extra Leather Elevator Casual Shoes 8.0 CM

Whether it is to participate in the filming of “Fashion COSMO” or “Mr. Esquire” or “Mr. Fashion” annual festival is a matter of enthusiasm, at this time they are always so handsome, the interpretation of fashion Mr., then, their fashion How did Mr. Fan’s interpretation?In fact, it is very simple, a pair of Elevator Casual Shoes, 8.0 CM, let you instantly become a fashion gentleman.

Business dress men Elevator Casual Shoes, new color vintage men shoes, selected cowhide, not only the demanding materials are harsh, the cutting process is also strict, fine cut out the complete leather, reduce the stitching of different parts of the cowhide, to ensure that in the process of making shoes, More comfortable effect. Increased by 7cm, you will always show handsome and straightforward heroic, elegant retro coloring process, showing the charm in the gradual change of color, with a set of tight-fitting suits, men fashion and elegant taste.

Elevator Casual Shoes

Dress up the elite to increase the shoes, after centuries of gentleman test, wild and stylish, full of men’s tough color, invisible increase of 10cm, let you stand out in the crowd immediately, the shoes are delicate and soft, strong tensile strength, leather Natural elasticity can effectively resist the cockroach back to the original state, maintain comfortable and breathable, preferably rubber outsole, high-purity natural rubber raw material processing, with wear-resistant anti-skid performance, soft rebound, shock-resistant cushioning effect is better, with a formal dress, men mature Elegant taste is evident.

Elevator Casual Shoes

The toe of the head is full of exquisite British carvings, elegant and retro business British atmosphere just right bloom, at the same time can effectively increase the breathability of the shoes, select the finest leather in the leather, the leather is more delicate and soft, smooth, shiny, is the leather The classic inner ear straps that have been tested for centuries have been combined with the classic European and American styles of the century, and the unchanging slenderness is original. This Elevator Shoes is also more suitable for wedding shoes, with a pair of boutique suits, fashion and handsome.

Elevator Casual Shoes

It has always been so handsome, so attractive, in fact, there are secrets, and the secret of many men is a pair inside the shoes. This brand and it has Elevator Shoes, a high-heeled shoes that politicians love, so that you can immediately become a fashion gentleman.