New Fashion Dresses With Increased Leather Shoes

To shoot these workplace movies, the crew usually have to prepare the tailor-made business shoes for the actor, one for the camera, the second is for the screen image of the actor, especially the famous actors. Now you have to serve well in clothing, food, housing and transportation. Some Elevator Dress Shoes brands are waiting for the opportunity to sponsor and let their products appear in the film and television.

Film and television are all from the art of life and slightly higher than life. There are Elevator Dress Shoes in the film industry, but in the reality it is already a common phenomenon. If you are also in the workplace, please look around and see him, him, her, her, she may be wearing it! Especially on some important occasions and moments.

Elevator Dress Shoes

But this business has Men’s Elevator Dress Shoes, the appearance is similar to ordinary shoes, if you do not look carefully, the average person can not see. It is also not special, it is added to the shoes “additional high-rise”, which is often said in the saying “increasing pad”, this “pad” is actually better, because it clearly shows that the shoes are “pads “High, belongs to the physical enhancement of the full pad, not the mystery of stimulating regrowth. Since there are cushions in the shoes, the uppers will be slightly higher than the ordinary shoes, and the human eye can be about the height of the upper. However, at present, some of the inner heightening shoes are very well-made in the upper, and through some line decoration, etc., the visual illusion can be well formed, and the increased concealment is achieved.

Unless it is a person who makes shoes, it is not easy to see the inner eye of the shoe, because the effect seen from the outside is still flat, and the upper is not over-exposed.

Elevator Dress Shoes

Because the Mens Elevator Dress Shoes has the benefit of quietly increasing, so it is particularly popular in the workplace. Is this always related to the workplace? Of course not! The reason is that the competition in the workplace is very fierce. Everywhere we must compete with people. Some have to make up for their own lack of height, and some have to strengthen the majesty. How can we improve the image and how to increase the shoes in the business! Especially in some foreign-related enterprises, who often deal with big foreigners, they wear almost every day. It is said that there is a senior executive of a foreign-funded enterprise in Guangzhou, and they want to buy more than 30 pairs of business-high shoes in a year!

Elevator Dress Shoes

Of course, most of the shoes that are worn in business are men, because women can dump their jobs with a pair of high heels. So, do you think that men who are not very tall will wear Elevator Shoes in business? no. According to the data of the sponsorship of the “Journey of Colleagues”, the number of customers who bought the shoes increased more than 10 years ago is indeed 1.60 meters to 1.72 meters, but in recent years, the mainstream customers The height is concentrated between 1.68 meters and 1.78 meters. Is it a bit of a surprise? In addition, the 1.78-meter “high” buy-up shoes are showing more and more trends.