Ultra-light Men’s High Heel Shoes For Men Increased 6.0 cm

It is undoubted that the High Heel Shoes For Men are more comfortable than the inner insole. Let me tell you the main difference between several high shoes and high insoles! At present, almost all of the high-increased shoe brands have adopted full-pad heightening, while the increased insole is almost always a half-pad increase or a 3/4 pad increase.

High Heel Shoes For Men, the early internal heightening shoes are also a type of half-pad increase, increasing the height from the heel to the middle of the shoe, the difference between the forefoot and the heel is large, the transition is unnatural, making the half-pad increase is very uncomfortable. In order to solve this problem, Height increased the shoe company to take the lead in using the full pad to increase the height, so that the comfort of the internal increase shoes has been greatly improved.

High Heel Shoes For Men

First of all, the advantage of full pad heightening is that the sole of the foot and the heel are increased overall, and the upper and lower shock absorption and left and right balance effects can be achieved, so that the discomfort caused by the heel pad height can be relatively reduced. Secondly, the increase of the full pad can ensure that the design of the high-rise is in line with the skeletal structure and mechanical force principle of the human foot, so that the heightening level is completely consistent with the sole of the foot, so that the wearer is comfortable and healthy.

After that, for the Ultra-light Men’s Casual Height Increasing Shoes Frosted Cowhide Increased 6.0 cm brand, which has strict quality requirements, such as the increased shoes, the increase of the full pad means that each type has a one-to-one correspondence. And each code number has a different increase in the higher level corresponding to it.

High Heel Shoes For Men

Increasing the comfort of the full pad of the shoe is unmatched by the increased insole. The heightening of the shoe is closely attached to the shoe body. The heightening of the shoe is increased by a certain bonding process, rather than simply being placed in the shoe.

Different Height Increasing Shoes have different heights and shapes, and the inner insole often cannot match well with all shoes. Some friends have reported that after the insole is placed in the shoe, the insole will slide or loosen, making people feel uncomfortable. In addition, if the insole is too high and the upper is not high enough, the increased insole will make people feel uneasy, and the shoes will fall off easily when walking.

High Heel Shoes For Men

Increasing the height of the shoe and the close fit of the shoe body are important reasons for increasing the comfort of the shoe than the increased insole. The better shoe brand is usually more stressful for the use of high-rise materials. Compared with how to increase the Elevator Shoes, the PU polyether material is used. This material has very good elasticity and almost never deforms and never collapses. It can ensure that the wearer will not have the unevenness of the left and right feet, and ensure the wearing comfort.

At present, the increased insole is mainly made of rubber material, or more foam material. The price of rubber material is relatively low, although its elasticity is also good, but many people report that it takes a long time to wear, it will collapse, and it feels like a foot. It is empty and has the feeling of high heels that are obviously leaning forward. Not to mention the foam.